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Aida Po

Shiatsu and Thai Massage therapist, Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher (250 RYT)

Since young days I had inner enquiries about the embodiment of being, wanting to understand how it really works, more than is told by parents or the school system. After studying music and graduating in audiovisual arts a strong call for deep connection to mother nature including that of human being brought me traveling places far from cites eventually practicing and studying yoga, and later entering the world of art of bodywork.

Today I teach Hatha Yoga based asana flow practice as well as the meditative Yin yoga. Zen Shiatsu treatments that I offer are infused with elements of traditional Thai massage. My approach is based on both Indian tradition of Yoga as well as Chinese medicine and Tao.

The body we live in is our vessel as well as a temple where all the energy points and paths interconnecting in the flow express the whole universe within each of us. Working with me will allow you learn deeper layers of your body and mind and how to let the flow move through in a smooth and undisturbed way. Through movement these practices invoke inner quiet and equilibrium to live life of finer quality with more peace and joy.

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IG: @pureselfaida

Aida Po
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