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Gaurika Mehta

Gaurika is an expressive Visual Artist, Certified Intermodal Expressive Art Therapy facilitator,
She also works with Reiki, Theta healing and light language

Gaurika is dedicated to planting seeds of awareness.

Working through and with the arts as a modality to "grow through what you go through".

She creates a conducive environment to bring tangible forms through movement, sound and visual art.

She works with you to create a synergy, with that which is ready to be witnessed from the subconscious mind. She facilitates a playful and mindful navigation with our emotions and inner wisdom.

Having deep dived and worked with many healing modalities, over the years she is currently focused more on the energetics of colour and the alchemy of art.

She is currently working with applied creativity in a multitude of different forms.

She creates art, using colours and symbols to express herself and that which she is witnessing and feeling. With the intention to stay connected to spirit/ universal source and serve through the arts.

Gaurika will be offering in person sessions and immersions between

7. - 16. June 2024 at Metta Well-Being

Spoken Language: English

Let’s colour our worlds together

For more information about Gaurika follow her on instagram @gaurika_noor

If you would like to book a session with her kindly send us an email:

Gaurika Mehta
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