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Karan Modi

Wild child, Traveller, Lodge owner, Naturalist, Kirtan Lover

This wonderful journey began perhaps even before I knew it.

Im born into a Hindu family and these religious chants and mantras, are heard and witnessed by us, in day to day life.

Subconsciously it stays within our system and shapes our reality.

I happen to be in Vrindavan with my mother, which is the Birth Place of Lord Krishna. 

Wintessing the devotees touched me deeply. They were chanting devotional songs and the vibration opened my heart. This was a life changing experience for me which made me step on the path of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga. 

I tried to recreate these moments of inner peace and happiness through the chants and mantras, by using the harmonium as a support. Because it touched me so deeply and offered me peace, I naturally wanted to share it, with everyone who had an interest. There is no looking back only a strong path forward. 

I hope the frequencies of love and devotion resonate with you in a similar way, as it has for me. I hope it helps you finding peace, joy, happiness or give you the courage to let your sandess surface with the chants. Feeling deeply into challenging emotions will help to overcome it.

Im looking forward meeting you and spreading the joy and heart opening power of Kirtan. 

Best wishes 


Karan Modi
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